When winter gives you lemons…

What do you visualise when you think of winter? Are you wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa clutching a hot beverage? Skiing? Waking up in the dark for work?


How about baking-wise? A mix of warming spices? Fruit crumbles? Sticky toffee pudding? There’s certainly no shortage of baked goods that evoke warm, cosy feelings.


Deciduous trees may make a stark image during the winter season, but not all greenery is barren, as our bakers can attest. Seasonal produce includes apples, pears, persimmons, tamarillos, oranges, lemons, carrots and more. Based on the baking we’re seeing, lemons appear to be particularly abundant this year. Given a single lemon contains 53mg of vitamin C, our bakers may be providing both delicious treats to our recipients, and supplementing their immunity against winter bugs.

Here’s a round up of some of our bitchin’ winter 2023 bakes so far.

Life-gives-you-lemons-1.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-2.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-3.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-4.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-5.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-6.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-7.jpg Life-gives-you-lemons-8.jpg