Making dark days better

Maluz is the Manager at Women’s Support Motueka. The organisation, which specialises in family harm and violence, provides support, counselling, advocacy and crisis intervention to women and their families in the community. It also provides programmes to support resilience and healing, such as Women's Art Therapy, In Bloom, Outdoor Adventure Therapy and Community Engagement.

Maluz says that over the past year they’ve had more than 440 referrals and that more than 95% of those referrals related to family harm. This is a really important service provided to this community as many of those in the rural area are isolated, live a long way from services, and often don’t have a car.

Good Bitches Baking has been providing home-baking to the organisation on Monday mornings for several years. Maluz reports that clients love the notes and the decorated boxes. The baking is separated into individual paper bags and given to clients in counselling and those who drop in. 

Maluz is both amazed and touched that the baking is done by volunteers using their own time and for people they don’t know. She says mothers find it so great to be able to take a special treat back to their children.

Maluz described the impact of baking given to a woman who was preparing to leave the area as she was no longer safe there. On receiving a package of GBB baking in that stressful time, the woman was greatly moved and said it had “made her day”.

Maluz hopes the bakers know what an amazing impact their work has—especially as they’re rarely around to see the impact of their baking for themselves.