Home-made baking makes people smile

“Showing kindness to those having a tough time is important” says Vicki. She began giving home baking to people going through tough times after the Christchurch earthquakes. In 2019, after the Christchurch Mosque attacks, she established the Canterbury-based charity NZ Gifts of Love and Strength. The charity provides care packages to victims of severe traumatic events as well as welcome.

People in need have lived through a wide range of traumatic events. For example, with links to the Fire and Emergency services, NZ Gifts of Strength and Love are able to support families who have experienced a house fire where they have lost a great deal.

Packages are filled with goods and services donated by the public and businesses and this is where Good Bitches Baking comes in. GBB has been providing baking to NZ Gifts of Love and Strength since 2019.

Goodies are often divided into small freezer bags with a GBB sticker on the bag so each family gets a few different treats in their care package. Sometimes entire GBB boxes are provided to counselling agencies to support people who have experienced an unexpected bereavement. 

Vicki says the GBB boxes have included a phenomenal range of beautiful baking, including wonderful cupcakes, cookies stamped with 'be kind' or 'have a nice day', and truffles. Her observation is that home baking makes people smile and recall happy memories, perhaps of parents’ and grandparents’ baking. Some of the recipients relish the baking so much that they ask Vicki for the recipe. She delights in giving that feedback to the baker and sharing recipes back with recipients.