As spring approaches, and daffodils are popping up like miniature suns, we’re seeing a more colour in our gardens and sometimes as we're putting our baking in its box, we think it could do with a little of that colour too, whether it be adding some colourful sprinkles, enlisting children to decorate the box, or including flowers to brighten it up. However, please always take care when you include blooms from the garden, as not all flowers are safe for consumption.

Some common NON-EDIBLE flowers to avoid include Alstroemeria, Lily of the valley, Lantana, Hydrangea, Foxglove, Daffodil, Catharanthus/Periwinkle and Bluebell.

Some common EDIBLE flowers that may be included in baking include Amaranth, Rose, Daisy, Fuschia, Sweet William (dianthus), Violet, pansy and other viola, Nasturtium, and Lavender.

A safe rule to abide by is: if in doubt, leave it out.

If you're unsure about a flower, you could perhaps put it on top of the box instead, to ensure the flowers are not touching the baking, but please make it clear that they are not intended for eating. Alternatively, pipe flowers with frosting, use dried edible flowers (eg rose petals, cornflower, sunflowers, calendula, blue mallow), add some sugared blooms, or simply decorate the box with pictures of them.