Baking a community connection

Donna is the Operations Manager for Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support & Healing (HV SASH), a 24/7 service that provides specialist crisis support and counselling for people affected by sexual abuse, rape and sexual harm. The HV SASH Team works to advocate for and support clients and families/whānau on their healing pathways.

Donna says that clients and whānau/families love Good Bitches Baking. “Kindness is such a contrast to the reason they come to HV SASH services. They can’t believe that strangers would do this for them”.

The baking, which is provided weekly, shows “that a human has thought about another human and done something tangible to show it”. The bakers' little messages written on the baking boxes which are “very thoughtful and welcomed”. New clients are typically “surprised to start with and then they look forward to seeing what baking has arrived”.

One client told her that “when she comes out of her counselling session… the sweet baking steadies her and makes her feel very good”.

Donna believes GBB has strengthened HV SASH’s “connection to the community”, and helped facilitate awareness of their services. She would like it known that “HV SASH clients, whānau/families and staff greatly appreciate the support of Good Bitches Baking”.