A recipe for success - and fun!

We're SO delighted to announce a shiny new relationship with Jordan Rondel, the creator and owner of the CAKER.

Jordan, whose business is based between Los Angeles and Auckland, is GBB’s new Best Bitch, a term that signals the beginning of a fun-filled, dynamic relationship. Jordan has joined the GBB whānau as an elegant advocate and business-like cheerleader, who will bring perfect measures of spice and flair to the organisation.

GBB General Manager Katy Rowden says, “We’re so stoked that Jordan has seen the value in being our Best Bitch – we could see so much overlap between her approach to her business and our approach to spreading kindness. The idea of quality over quantity really rings true for us.

“In her capacity as GBB's Best Bitch, Jordan will support our kaupapa in unique ways, sharing our mahi with her fans, followers and partners to raise awareness of our organisation and to help us with our mission to make Aotearoa a kinder place.”

Jordan says, “I’ve been interested in the idea of a relationship with a charitable organisation in New Zealand for a while, and Good Bitches Baking just makes so much sense – I love what they do, and their concept of creating a little bit of joy with home-baking really reflects what I do as the CAKER as well.”

Good Bitches Baking was established in Wellington in 2014, and has 29 chapters from Whangārei to Invercargill, with almost 3000 volunteers sharing their home-baking with 330 organisations that support people having a tough time.

Jordan created the CAKER, a made-to-order cake business selling home style cakes for exclusive and high-end events, in 2010, a business which evolved into a suite of exquisite cake mixes, and has since expanded into the Los Angeles market. She is known and loved for her beautiful, sassy commitment to perfecting her recipes and her connections to her followers and supporters.