About GBB Palmerston North

Head Bitch – Heather Todd

Established – April 2015

Email palmy@gbb.org.nz

Palmy Good Bitches have a couple of options for baking/delivery:

  1. Monday-Thursday – bakers bake AND deliver to recipient organisations, and in Feilding on Thursday.
  2. Sunday – if you’re not up for delivery, Sunday baking is collected by our drivers who drop it to our recipient organisations

Recipient organisations:

  • Mash Trust - Jan24
  • Kind Hearts Movement - Apr22
  • Te Roopu Oranga O Highbury Trust - Mar22
  • Manchester House - Jun21
  • Camellia House - Mar21
  • Ozanam House - Mar21
  • Palmerston North Women's Refuge - Mar21
  • Palmy Revolution - Mar21
  • Te Roopu Maori Women's Refuge - Mar21

622 boxes of treats in the past 12 months

61 Good Bitches

11 recipient organisations

$59,401 is the financial value of these boxes

GBB Palmerston North is supported by

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