Families missing out on kindness

Cherie is the President of Motueka St Vincent de Paul. St Vincent de Paul supports families struggling with a benefit that isn’t going far enough as well as working families relying on seasonal work – with seasonal work, wet weather means they can’t work and so they don’t get paid. 

Cherie says that many of the mums they see from these families don’t have a lot of kindness in their lives. Giving them something special like the delicious Good Bitches home-baking often brings them to tears – it means so much to know someone has thought of them.

She shared with us her favourite story, showing how one act of kindness can create a chain across several people:

"We had a mother come into Motueka St Vincent de Paul one day. She had nine children and had just moved here and was staying with her sister in a small house with her sister’s nine children. It so happened that it was one of her children's birthdays that day, so we gave her a lovely big cake that the Good Bitches Baking people had given us. The mum was so delighted to have a birthday cake for her child. It was a very special moment."