Support us

Anyone who gets our kaupapa is a Good Bitch, and we know people spread kindness in all kinds of ways.

You don’t have to be an amazing baker to help us help others. 

It costs about $11 for every box of treats to keep this organisation going.

We're always delighted to receive any kind of financial support, from a one-off donation to payroll giving to corporate partnerships.

Support us with a bequest

No matter how big or small, a bequest is one of the most significant gifts you can make.  

We are a registered charitable trust and support from people in our community is what keeps us going. Your gift can be a specific sum, a percentage of your estate or even a specific property or asset and how it’s used is up to you  if you would like us to, we can use your bequest for a specific purpose or project.

How to leave a bequest 

It’s best to get in touch with your family solicitor or a trustee company, such as the Public Trust or NZ Guardian Trust. They’ll help you create a will that reflects your wishes so they will be clearly understood, and you can include a bequest to Good Bitches as part of this process. 

If you have an existing will, it can be updated to include a bequest to the Good Bitches Trust by making a codicil (a codicil is an addition to your will). It’s important to do this process in consultation with your solicitor.

If you’d like to discuss a bequest or gift in will with us, please email

By using The Good Registry to pledge your birthday (or Christmas, or wedding, or Mother's / Father's Day, or any other occasion!) to support our work, you’re telling your best people that you appreciate gifts and as a special treat, you would like them to donate to something close to your heart this year. As an added bonus, you’re collectively spreading kindness instead of consumption and waste.

Just click the button below, create a registry, choose your favourite charity (us obvs), and give your people the unique link so they can make a donation instead of buying physical gifts. You’ll receive emails when people leave you birthday messages  and you’ll be able to see how much has been collectively donated.

The Good Registry will do all the admin of issuing donation receipts and arranging the payment to us once your registry closes. If you want to read more about how it all works, have a look at their FAQ page.