For Good Bitches

Duke of Edinburgh

Lots of schools encourage their students to complete the Duke of Edinburgh programme, a once a month commitment of community kindness, which for us means joining the roster to bake and/or deliver a box of treats once a month.

To sign up, check with your school first and then contact the Head Bitch in your area to discuss if they can sign you up.

Can I bake whenever I want to?

Not exactly. You are absolutely in control of how often each month and what days you are available to be rostered on but our clever rostering system matches our bakers’ and drivers’ availability with our recipient organisations’ needs.

Most chapters expect all their Good Bitches to feature on the roster at least once a month but there’s wriggle room it depends on the chapter.

What about food safety?

We provide our Good Bitches with food safety guidelines and we provide food grade boxes for the baking to be delivered in. We also provide flyers for the ingredients to be written on so that recipient organisations know what's in the baking so they can manage any potential allergens.

What about the Food Act - are you allowed to give this baking to people?

Because we don’t sell anything, the baking is exempt from commercial food preparation standards and it’s clearly marked that it’s homemade. The Food Act contains a Good Samaritan clause which allows organisations like ours to make food at home for donation.

Who pays for the baking?

Our Good Bitches use their own ingredients and fuel. Our Cup of Sugar fund is available for people who might find this a barrier to being one of our Good Bitches.

Can I pick who I bake for?

Our rostering system is set up to make sure all our Good Bitches get a fair and manageable share of opportunities to spread kindness, but it means that the recipient/s you’re baking for or delivering to will depend on your availability settings.

We also have a very clear no judgement policy which is partly why our system is set up this way.

How much should I bake?

One batch of baking per box – that might be a cake or a batch of scones or a slice. You decide what you make but you don’t have to fill the box to bursting.

Our recipients let us know how many boxes they need, which means if you do more than a batch in each box, it might get wasted.

I don’t really like baking but could deliver other people’s - is that possible?

Some chapters have bakers and drivers, some only do both – please check their page to find out how it works in your area.

For recipient organisations

Can you bake for our fundraiser or bake sale?

Unfortunately no. Our bakers use their own ingredients to bake treats for people having a tough time so supplying baking a fundraiser is more of an ask than we think is fair.

Can I nominate someone who is having a tough time to receive baking?

No, but if your person is connected to an organisation that supports people having a tough time, feel free to mention us and we'll see if we can get that organisation onto our roster.

We work with a really wide range of organisations which means we don’t connect directly with the people having a tough time. This is partly to keep our volunteers safe and partly to make sure what we’re doing is reaching as many people as possible as efficiently as possible.

Can you bake for our event to say thanks to our volunteers?

Our volunteers only bake for people having a tough time. We know the people who work with you are incredible and deserve to be acknowledged, but because our volunteers use their own ingredients, this kind of request is too big of an ask.

Can my playgroup or course get some baking?

If your playgroup or course is specifically for communities of people experiencing some kind of tough time, probably. If it’s a regular one, probably not.

You can complete our expression of interest form or contact the Head Bitch in your area to have a chat about it.

How do we know if our clients / service users are ‘having a tough time’?

You’ll know. You’ll see people every day who are in some kind of trouble or difficulty or crisis, and your
organisation is set up to help them through it. If you're not sure, get in touch and we'll talk through it together.