Where it all began...

Way back in 2014...

Founders Nicole Murray and Marie Fitzpatrick were talking about the problems of the world over a glass (or two we’re not judging), of bubbles. Feeling helpless, and reflecting on a small moment of kindness someone had shown to them recently, they came up with an idea for a way to let people going through a hard time know that others in their community cared.

They dropped a post on Facebook to see if anyone else was keen, and almost overnight, hundreds were putting their hand up to be involved. That’s how the Wellington chapter started.

Since then, we’ve spread like warm icing around Aotearoa, with 30 chapters and more than 3,000 Good Bitches baking treats for about 400 recipient organisations.

Nic shared a story of the difference a moment of kindness had made for her.

Her nephew had been recently diagnosed with Leukaemia and she - and her whole family - was distraught. In the office one day, she’d snuck away to spend her lunch break weeping in the loos. Scraping herself back together, she made her way back to her desk, planning to turn off her computer and go home, with nothing left in the tank for the rest of her work day. 

Sitting quietly on her desk, with no palaver or fanfare or expectation of anything, was a warm, buttery cheese scone. Someone had noticed she was having a very shitty time and offered a small gesture of kindness and comfort, an acknowledgement that her distress had been seen  and that it was too big to fix with words.

Nic still doesn’t know who left her the carby comfort but she remembers the feeling it gave her. 

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