About GBB Napier-Hastings

Head Bitch – Janice Williams

Established – October 2017

Email napier-hastings@gbb.org.nz

Napier-Hastings Good Bitches have a couple of options for baking/delivery:

  1. Wednesday – bakers bake AND deliver to recipient organisations 
  2. Monday – if you’re not up for delivery, Monday baking is collected by our drivers who drop it to our recipient organisations

We also have regular Prison Bake programmes running at Hawke's Bay Mangaroa Prison – have a look here to find out more about this programme.

Recipient organisations:

  • Acorn Project HB - Apr21
  • Hastings Women's' Refuge - Apr21
  • Lighthouse Hastings - Apr21
  • Lighthouse Napier - Apr21
  • Maori Women's Refuge - Apr21
  • Napier Women's Refuge - Apr21
  • Te Ara Manapou - Apr21
  • The Outreach - Apr21
  • Whatever It Takes - Apr21

1,697 boxes of treats in the past 12 months

131 Good Bitches

9 recipient organisations

$162,064 is the financial value of these boxes

GBB Napier-Hastings is supported by

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